Outpost Handling Service

A dedicated personal service for all your packages

Here at Outpost, we vow to treat your purchases as if they were our own, taking care to ensure your needs are always met – just as how we started when assisting friends and family. We, therefore, pride ourselves in the attention to detail each package receives.

Outpost check-in service includes:

  • Update the package as received into your account within 4 hours of receipt
  • On the day of receipt we will confirm the physical contents of your package
  • Upload one photo to your account for your personal review
  • Note any sizes, colour and any additional identifiable details
  • Review against packing list and note any missing/incorrect items
  • Repack to reduce the size of the parcel, due to any oversized outer packaging* and reconfirm dimensions
  • Confirm the weight and dimensions

Once the package is checked into your inventory, we will then:

  • Apply your individual consolidation, shipping service & frequency preferences
  • Fulfil any individual requests made by you

Finally, upon shipping your package out, we will:

  • Apply your requested shipping and insurance choices
  • Produce all shipping documentation, including the commercial invoice
  • Advise you of a unique tracking number
  • Proactively track your package until it is successfully delivered to you

* You may opt out of the automatic repackaging of the outer packaging.


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