We offer you the ability to co-ordinate purchases across multiple website/stores

Outpost SVC is happy to offer and strongly recommends shipping consolidation across all membership levels.

Consolidating multiple purchases into larger, heavier packages can significantly save you money on shipping charges. This is a result of savings in shipping charges per pound/kilo, which decrease as the overall weight increases.

By utilising our free storage option, we offer you the ability to co-ordinate purchases across multiple website/stores, and later ship them together at a cheaper rate. With around the clock access to your account management system, using the options available, you remain in full control of your purchases.

Shipping consolidation enables:

  • Access to additional discounts on your shipping charges.
  • Reduces the stress of co-ordinating the delivery of multiple packages at home.

Consolidation savings

The below table, based on shipping from our USA facility to a customer in Australia, shows how consolidating four items into one package can save you in excess of 50% over the individual shipping charges!

If consolidation is utilised along with our repacking service, you could save even more!

Shipping rates valid as of June 2012


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