Nike+ Fuelband

It doesn’t take much to get the Outpost SVC office staff going, but runs around the warehouse have taken on a greater meaning with the arrival of a Nike+ Fuelband. Did you know, running from one end of the warehouse and back again contributes just 2% of your required daily exercise!! These things, and so much more, are now common knowledge in the Outpost office.

Not only does the Nike+ Fuelband look great but it measures all your daily exercise statistics, and presents them back to you on your PC or smartphone. This is not just a pedometer, this is the pedometer that Marty McFly would have picked up in 2015!

The Nike+ Fuelband is released in the UK later this month, and is due to retail at £139. At just $149 in the USA, why not use your Outpost address and save over £44 or 30% on the purchase price.

Be warned though, it can be addictive!!!

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