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Trends in Online Global Shopping

Internet access by consumers has changed the shopping landscape. The internet has transformed many aspects of a consumer’s life, but perhaps shopping for goods and services is what has been revolutionized the most. While it is still a great idea to stop by a store and purchase products, the ease and convenience of online shopping can’t be disregarded.

Online Shopping Trends by Region

Consumers around the world engage in online shopping, but there is a variation when it comes to what products they are purchasing and what factors influence their decisions when making an online purchase. Here are the shopping trends per region according to a study of Nielsen.

North America

About half of online Americans favor websites that sell products online only while most Canadian online shoppers are split between choosing online-only stores and traditional physical stores.

Americans and Canadian online shoppers are almost identical when it comes to products and services they are availing online. Books, clothing, and airline tickets are what they usually purchase online.

When it comes to factors affecting the decisions of North Americans when making online shopping, product reviews come useful. Online reviews are most important to them when they buy consumer electronics, cars, and software.

Latin America

Brazilians are the most prolific online shoppers in this region. The leading products that they purchase online include books, electronic equipment, computer hardware and DVDs/games.

Venezuelans, on the other hand, love to purchase products like electronic equipment, airline tickets, and computer hardware. Books are not a popular product for an online purchase for Venezuelans.

Mexicans, meanwhile, spend money on books, electronic equipment, tour/hotel reservations, event tickets and music, computer hardware, and video/DVDs/games.

Online reviews are useful for Latin American consumers while researching purchases of consumer electronics, software, and cars.

Africa and the Middle East

Online shopping is not popular in the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan. Online shoppers in this region usually purchase books, airline tickets/reservations, and electronic equipment.

Social media has less influence on purchasing online. Saudis are the only ones most likely to use social media to make buying decisions. Online reviews and opinions are important to online consumers when purchasing and researching cars, software, and consumer electronics.

Asia Pacific

The Chinese and Koreans are the most prolific online shoppers in this region. Koreans usually purchase books, cosmetics, clothing/accessories/shoes, and groceries. Chinese, on the other hand, favor books, clothes, and electronics when making an online purchase. A global survey, however, found out that Australians are the developed world’s most frequent online shoppers at international retailers.


Online purchase in Europe is high. Notably, online consumers in Norway and Great Britain spend the most money. Books are popular among Austrians, while Germans and Czechs favor clothing and shoes. Online shopping is not popular in Estonia, Croatia, and Latvia.


Shopping online is exploding in many regions around the world. Many bricks and mortar shop have already invested in online portals in order to be competitive in a fast-changing shopping landscape. Internet retailers are reinventing things to make online shopping easy and convenient for all consumers in the future.

Global Shopping Made Easy

Whether you’re a natural health nut, a fan of French haute-couture or simply in love with anything Italian, you can stock up on top-notch goods with help from a personal shopper working from your chosen international address. Yes, personal shoppers in foreign lands now purchase and send stuff back to your own cozy U.S. home. Before you send your global shopping pal and Parcel out on a wild ride, do keep in mind the international hazards that can come with an international address.

Avoiding the Risks of International Shopping and Parcel

Amazon Rainforest

It may be tough to ferret our something like a dress boutique in the heart of the rainforest region, but you could score big with superfoods like acai berries or camu camu. In addition to the risk of being captured and tattooed, shopping in the rainforest comes with the chance of getting items snagged on tree limbs or encountering a healthy lineup of jaguars and poison-dart frogs. Safety note: Don’t ask your shopper to go out to buy raw meat.

Paris, France

With wine sold everywhere, even in the McDonald’s, Paris may be able to tweak its nickname from the City of Light to the City of Lightheadedness. Global shopping with a buzz in Paris can result in the purchase of extremely odd items, thanks to the eclectic array of Paris flea markets that sell everything from ceramic cicadas to stuffed wild boars’ heads. Helpful hint: Suggest your shopper visit the wine bars and cafés after the shopping rather than before.

Milan, Italy

With names like Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace hailing from Italy and Milan serving as one of the top fashion centers of the world, your personal shopper can face the risk of being overwhelmed with choices. Being overrun by desserts is another potential hazard, especially when options include things like gelato, tiramisu and ricotta cheesecake.

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