How We Bill

Outpost SVC strives to fully disclose all fees for our services; please be assured there are no hidden fees.

Here at Outpost, we want to provide our customer’s with a full suite of complimentary services. Therefore, we do not charge for:

  • Consolidation & Repacking*
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Commercial Invoice Preparation
  • Receiving or Shipping Out of packages
  • Removal of labels/old packing lists

In addition to the membership fee structure, the following fees are applicable for value added services

  • Return to sender Fee – $10 plus domestic shipping charges
  • Additional Image Fee – $2.50 for up to 5 additional images
  • Additional Insurance Fee – $2 for each additional $100 value
  • Splitting of Shipments – $5
  • Re-weigh Fee – $2.50 per re-weigh. (Fully returned if original weight is incorrect)
  • Scanning of original packing lists/invoices – $2.50
  • AES Filing – $25

Shipping charges are always based on the greater of physical or volumetric weight. Further details on volumetric weight, and its calculation can be found here.

 * Gold and Silver members only