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Please find below answers to our most frequently asked questions. For your convenience they are divided into six key areas.

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Outpost SVC General & Services Information

In which countries does Outpost SVC offer addresses?

Outpost SVC prides itself on having the largest parcel-forwarding network. We currently offer parcel-forwarding services from the USA, Russia, UK (also serving the EU) and China.

Are the addresses you offer PO BOX addresses?

No, the addresses are not PO Boxes. Outpost SVC provides you with a physical street address in each of the Outpost countries with your very own dedicated suite number. All shipping companies will be able to deliver to your new addresses. You will receive these addresses upon completion of the registration process. 

Is your service available to customers in my country?

We are proud to offer our service to over 220 countries – from each of the countries with an Outpost location. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide our service to North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, and Iran or to any such country that becomes subject to US or international embargoes.

Upon registration, how soon can I start using my new addresses?

As soon as we receive your initial payment and verify your billing/home address your Outpost account will be activated and your suite number will be ready for use. To receive regular mail & packages in the USA via USPS, you will also need to complete a USPS 1583 notification, and provide us with two forms of ID – this is a US legal requirement. Please see the USPS 1583 FAQ section.  

What services do you offer and what are the fees?

Outpost SVC offers services to suit your individual needs. outpost services offer access to the full suite of Outpost services, as well as access to our lowest possible shipping rates. Specific information in regards to services benefits and monthly fees can be found here.

Can I receive mail (letters, catalogs, magazines) too?

Yes. Our outpost services enables you to receive general mail to your Outpost address, which can then be shipped to any country in the world.  Please note, in order to receive mail in the USA, you must provide a completed 1583 form and two types of proof of ID. Please see the USPS 1583 FAQ section.  

How do I use my Outpost SVC address?

When you purchase an item from any merchant in the USA, UK, EU, Russia or China, you simply enter your own relevant Outpost SVC address in the ship to address. Please make sure to include your suite number, as this is how we identify your items when they arrive.

How do you recognise a package belongs to me when it arrives?

We will identify your individual packages by your Outpost suite number. Your suite number is universal across all Outpost facilities. Please note it is therefore very important that you include your suite number on all deliveries you have sent to Outpost.  All packages that arrive without a suite number will require individual verification and are subject to additional charges.

Do all Outpost SVC countries offer parcel forwarding options like consolidation & repacking, and the personal shopping option?

Yes, we offer personal shopping services and the full suite of parcel forwarding services in every Outpost SVC country – USA, Russia, UK (serving also the EU) and China.  

Can Outpost SVC forward my packages to different addresses, countries or contact names?

Yes, for a small fee and after additional verification, you will be able to ship to different names/addresses around the world. To add a new address you will need to  sign into your account, and go to the personal data section to complete the necessary information.   

Can I receive packages under different names on my account?

No. For security reasons each account can only receive packages under one name. However, for a small fee, and upon verification, you will be able to ship to different names/addresses around the world.  

Are there any special rules for placing really large orders or if I am a brand new customer?

We may require a wire transfer from you should any shipping charges or Personal Shopper orders exceed $250.  

What is your policy regarding customer privacy and confidentiality?

The privacy of our customers is of the upmost importance to Outpost SVC. We will never sell or provide any information about our customers to outside or third party affiliates. Full details of our privacy policy can be found here.  

How do I change my Services?

You can change your services at any time by contacting Outpost staff via the messaging function located within your account.  

How can I close my services?

You can cancel your services/account at any time by contacting Outpost staff via the messaging function located within your account. Please note, no refunds will be offered on partial monthly fees which have already been paid.  

Parcel Handling

Will you accept shipments sent to me by merchants and individuals?

Yes, we will accept all shipments from any merchant or individual which are addressed to you.

How long does it take for incoming shipments to be logged into my inventory?

All packages are updated into your membership area within 4 hours of receipt.  

Should I notify Outpost SVC of any incoming packages?

You do not have to notify Outpost of incoming shipments; however, we strongly suggest that you do so. By pre-notifying us, we can verify full receipt of your order and provide the option of same day ship out. You can notify us by completing the relevant form from within your account section.  

How long can I store my items at an Outpost facility?

For our members, we offer the option for you to  store your items free of charge for up to 45 days. Once the free period has ended, items will continue to be stored for a small weekly fee for up to 90 days.  

Can Outpost SVC take pictures of my items so that I know what it looks like before having the package shipped to me?

Yes. Outpost will always take one digital picture of all packages received, and will upload it into your inventory list within your account area. This is available free on all services. Additional photos can be requested for a small fee.   

Can Outpost SVC scan packing lists and invoices that arrive with my packages?

Yes. For a small fee, Outpost SVC will scan all documentation which accompanied your package. This can be requested from your inventory list in your account section.  

Can you consolidate my packages into one bigger package?

Yes. Consolidation, the process of packing multiple items into one box, creates the opportunity for you to save vast amounts of money over individual shipping charges. We are pleased to offer this service for free to our members. By using our shipping preferences, you can even automate this process. To find out more information on the benefits and cost savings available to you through consolidation of packages, please click here.  

After I request items to be consolidated, when will the combined items be shipped out?

We action all consolidation requests within 1 business day of receiving the request. As soon as the orders have been consolidated, your parcel will be shipped out to its end destination.

Can I request additional items to be added to a pending consolidation request?

Please contact us immediately using the special request function notating the specific item you wish to add from your inventory list. Where possible we will always try to add the additional item. A charge of $5 is applicable for special requests.  

What if the package is too big for a selected shipping service?

With the largest range of shipping services, we are guaranteed to offer a suitable service for any sized package. We have capabilities to move everything from documents, parcels, to furniture and even cars. If applicable, you could also take advantage of our splitting service, and divide larger items into multiple packages. We ask that you please notify us in advance, if you are planning on having large / unique items delivered into an Outpost address. In addition, for such items, we can also arrange the collection of the goods directly from the merchant.  

Can I split items in a package?

Yes, all members have the option to split the contents of a package into two or more packages. This service can be requested from your inventory list in your account section for a small charge.   

After I request items to be split, when will the individual items be shipped out?

We action all splitting requests within 1 business day of receiving the request. As soon as the orders are split they will be shipped out on consecutive days. It is important to note that once an item is split, it cannot be consolidated.  

Shipping Rates

How much does it cost to ship packages to my country?

We are delighted to offer the widest range of shipping services to appeal to each individual budget or requirement, from standard mail to market leading global couriers, and even sea & airfreight services. We work diligently to provide you with best value parcel forwarding service. For any quotes or pricing enquiries, our shipping calculator is available at all times for your use.  

Do you add a fuel surcharge to your shipping rates?

No. Unlike many parcel forwarding companies, we do not apply any fuel surcharges to our shipping rates.   

Do your shipping rates include customs duties and taxes?

Our shipping rates cover a full door to door service; however, you are responsible for any additional local duties and taxes that may be incurred by customs or any other local authorities. Please contact our Customer Service support or your local customs office for more information in regards to import duties and taxes.  

Do you charge any fees to consolidate multiple items into one box?

For outpost members, Outpost SVC is pleased to offer free consolidation. To find out more information on the benefits and cost savings available to you through the consolidation of packages, please click here.  

Does the size of a shipment impact the shipping cost?

Yes. All international carriers base their shipping rates on the greater of actual weight and dimensional weight. Actual Weight is the physical gross weight of the package (when weighed), while dimensional weight is calculated based on the size of the package.  For further information on dimensional weight, please click here.  

Do shipping rates include insurance?

Outpost SVC offers free insurance up to a value of $100 on every shipment. Should you require additional insurance, this can be requested during the ship out process. It is strongly recommended that you always insure your package for the total value of the contents. Should you choose not to insure your package for the total value, you will take full risk for any loss or damage to your goods during transit. Outpost SVC has negotiated discounted insurance rates with all service providers; additional insurance is available for just $2.00 per each additional $100 value insured.  


When are my goods shipped out to me?

Outpost will apply any account preferences you have enabled to your packages. However, you can remain in full control of your package, at all times, by accessing your inventory list within your account area. In the event that no shipping frequency preference has been set in your account, your goods will remain in your inventory until you request them to be shipped out. Outpost SVC offers free storage for up to 45 days for outpost members.  

How long does it take to ship out a package, once I make the request from my inventory list?

Any ship out request on an item held in your inventory received before 3pm local time will be shipped out to its end destination the same day. Orders received after 3pm will depart the following working day.  

Which service providers do you use to send my merchandise and documents?

We utilize a number of service providers which enables us to offer you the most competitive and comprehensive parcel forwarding service. We always offer the local national postal provider, along with our own airfreight postal service. Express shipments are sent primarily through DHL and FedEx. For larger items, we use specially selected local freight forwarders. All service options are always fully traceable with a tracking number provided to you. Full details of the shipping services we offer can be found here.  

How long will it take for me to receive my packages?

The transit times of packages will depend on your choice of service. When utilizing express carriers, most shipments can arrive in 1 to 4 days anywhere in the world. More economical services may take longer. At all times, Outpost SVC staff can help you understand the options that are available for your country, in order for you to choose the most relevant and/or cost effective service.  

Can items be shipped out the same day as they arrive?

Yes, you can request same day ship out services, utilizing the notify us function, or via special request on a specific parcel already in your inventory. Please note that there is a $5 charge for same day arrival & ship out.

Can I pick up my mail and packages personally from an Outpost facility?

Yes, our customers are always welcome to collect packages at our Outpost facilities, Monday through Friday, between 9am to 5pm. We do ask that you please notify us in advance, so that we may have your items ready for your arrival. In addition, personal pick ups will be subject to a processing fee of $10.  

Are my packages insured?

The company, Outpost SVC, will automatically insure all packages for $100. You can request additional insurance during the ship out process, should it be required. It is strongly recommended that you always insure your package for the total value of its contents. Should you choose not to insure the package for its full value, you will take full risk for any loss or damages to your goods during transit. Outpost SVC has negotiated discounted insurance rates with all service providers; supplementary insurance comes at little additional expense to you.  

How do you fill out custom declaration for each package?

During the ship out process you will be required to confirm the details which will be entered on the customs declaration. If you have preferences enabled for automatic shipping, we enter the descriptions and value of the packages based on the information contained on the invoice and/or packing slip accompanying your items. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide accurate and true information on any and all customs declarations.  

How do I file a claim for lost or damaged package?

To file a claim on any package, you will need to log into your members area, and highlight the relevant package within your shipping history. For a claim of damage, Outpost SVC requires photos of the packaging and damaged items in order to assist in your claim against the shipping company.  

What items can be delivered through Outpost SVC? Can I move dangerous goods?

 We pride ourselves on the range of shipping services we provide. If you have a unique item, unusual commodity or even dangerous goods, it is possible we offer a service solution. Please always contact Outpost SVC before having any unique, unusual or dangerous goods delivered into your Outpost address. Such goods that are delivered to an Outpost facility, which have not been notified and approved, will be rejected. Please note that a special handling charge of $25 is applied to any dangerous goods item.

For more detailed information on prohibited items, please click here.  

Can you ship perfume?

Perfume is a popular commodity, and can be shipped to certain countries. Please contact Outpost SVC for individual country confirmation. Please note to ship perfume, all parcels will be subject to a $10 special handling charge.  


Many merchants will not accept my international credit card. Is there any way around this?

Yes. Many international banks now offer the facility of a secondary address on your account/card. Once you have notified the bank of your additional Outpost address, you will be able to use your international credit card with your Outpost address. If you do not wish to do this, or have local banking restrictions, you can purchase gift cards and register them against your Outpost address – more information on both these options can be found here. Finally, you can always take advantage of the Outpost Personal Shopper service.  

What fees are applicable for a Personal Shopper order?

There is no fee for personal shopper orders. Outpost members are charged 5% of the total order value or a minimum $10. Personal shopper orders over $250 may require a wire transfer payment. In the event that you choose to cancel or return the order, the personal shopper fee is non-refundable. Please note, in-store pickups are subject to an additional 2% charge.  

Can you purchase personal shopper orders in person from a store for me?

Yes, personal orders can be made in person, on your behalf, at any major retailer. Please contact Outpost SVC by e-mail or live chat to confirm that your preferred store is accessible. Please note that additional fees are applied for in-store pickups.  

Can I use Personal Shopper to buy items for me on eBay?

Outpost SVC, are not able to bid on items for you. However, once you have successfully won an auction on Ebay, you can use the personal shopper service to purchase the item.  In such instances, please contact customer service for further action. In the event of any disputes with the seller, you will have full responsibility to resolve any issues. Outpost SVC will not be liable or responsible to settle any disputes. 

How do I place a Personal Shopper order?

You can place a personal shopper order 24×7. You must log into your account, and complete the personal shopper request form. If you need assistance, please contact customer service by sending a message or via the live chat function.

How long does it take to process my Personal Shopper order?

All personal shopper requests received before 12 noon local time will be purchased and/or ordered the same day. In-store purchases requested before 12 noon local time will also be purchased the same day. You have the additional option on the personal shopper request form of requesting same-day ship out. This service will allow your item to depart the same day that it is delivered into the Outpost SVC facility.  

Can I order personalised or customised orders through the Personal Shopper service?

Yes. Please be sure to specify and provide precise requirements in the Personal Shipper order form, and Outpost SVC will be happy to purchase your exact requirements. Please note that in many cases, personalised or customised items cannot be returned to the merchant.  

What happens if an item I order is not in stock when the Personal Shopper places the order?

Should a personal shopper item be out of stock, we will advise you by email and cancel the request. If the order contained multiple items which are in stock, then all other items will automatically be purchased.

Can I return merchandise ordered via the Personal Shopper service?

Outpost SVC will always attempt to return items for you, as long as the merchant’s return policy allows for the return. Please note, you will be responsible for all return shipping fees incurred. Once Outpost receives the credit from the merchant, the amount will be applied to your account minus the return shipping fee. Outpost SVC personal shopper ordering fees are non-refundable.  

Can I have the Personal Shopper order sent directly to me, instead of having it go to Outpost?

At this time, all items purchased on your behalf by Outpost SVC via a Personal Shopper order must be delivered to your local Outpost SVC facility.

How can I cancel a Personal Shopper order?

If you wish to cancel a personal shopper order, please contact us immediately. Outpost SVC will do whatever is possible to cancel the order, but must adhere to the merchant’s cancellation policy. You will be responsible for any cancellation fee or return shipping fee incurred. Once Outpost SVC has secured a credit for the purchase, this will be applied to your account. The Outpost SVC personal shopper ordering fees are non-refundable.  

Where can I find information about which types of merchandise are not allowed into my country?

General information on prohibited items can be found here. If you have any doubt about a certain item or commodity, please contact Outpost SVC Customer Service who will be able to offer a definitive answer for your specific country.  

Are you able to advise me on localized clothing & shoe sizes?

The attached link will provide you with everything you need to know on international clothing sizes. The website will provide you with your equivalent size in each Outpost SVC home market. Click here to access

What phone number should I use when placing an online order?

In many cases, the merchants will accept your own country specific phone number.  This number is only used should the merchant need to verify specific details of your order. In the event that a merchant does not accept a foreign telephone number, we do provide a telephone number (for each Outpost country) for use by all our members.   You can find this number in your members section, under My addresses. Please Note: Although, this is a valid phone line, calls to these numbers will not be answered. Alternatively, you can obtain a free or low cost local telephone numbers from various companies – including Skype and Magicjack.   

I am a merchant who shipped a product to your customer and got a chargeback.

Please contact us immediately. Outpost SVC will immediately cancel any accounts found to be fraudulent.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept electronic payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. Alternatively, you may wish to send money via a wire transfer. In such cases, your account may carry a credit. 

How do I change or update my credit card details?

You can change or update your credit card information by logging into your account and going to the personal data section where you will modify your credit card details, etc.  

How does the transaction show up on my credit card statement?

Any charges made by Outpost SVC will appear as Outpost on your credit card statement.  

What if I do not have a credit card?

Not to worry! You may apply a credit to your account by making a wire transfer or sending a money order/cheque. See the next two questions for further information.

What are your bank account details to send money by wire transfer?

You must ensure to reference your Outpost SVC suite number on your wire transfer. Our wiring instructions are:

Beneficiary’s Bank: Citibank NA, 9467 FM 1960 Road West Bypass, Suite 100, Humble, Texas, 77338, USA

Beneficiary’s Bank Routing Number: 113193532

Beneficiary’s Bank Swift Code: CITI US 33

Beneficiary’s Name: Outpost SVC LLC

Beneficiary’s Account: 9787482971

Payment Instructions: Customer Name & Suite Number

* Please note, there is a $12 handling fee applicable on all incoming wire transfers.

How do I send Outpost SVC a money order or cheque?

Please make your money order or cheque payable to ‘Outpost SVC LLC’ and ensure to reference your suite number. Mail the completed money order or cheque into the Outpost SVC Headoffice at, 10210 Fairbanks North Houston Road, Houston, Texas, 77064, USA – Attention Billing Department.  

What currency are your fees displayed in?

All fees are displayed in USA Dollars. You can find a currency converter here for your convenience.  


What is USPS Form 1583 and why do I have to fill it out?

  The USPS 1583 is a legal form that the United States Postal Service requires Outpost SVC to file in order to receive your mail. This is the only way we can receive packages from the United States Postal Service on your behalf. Customers who wish to accept deliveries from the United States Postal Service MUST fill out this form. A pre-populated 1583 form is available inside your members area.  

How do I complete the USPS Form 1583?

Information on how to complete the USPS Form can be found on the following link USPS 1583 Example Text. A pre-populated USPS 1583 form can be found in the members area.  

Is a 'Signature of Agent/Notary Public' required on the USPS form 1583?

No, this is an optional field which can be left blank.  

What ID do I need to supply with my USPS Form 1583?

Two pieces of ID are required. One identification must contain a photo, and the other must confirm your address. Acceptable photo IDs would be a copy of your driver’s license, Government Identification card or passport. Acceptable address ID would be a utility bill, home/car insurance policy or mobile phone statement.  

Can I email my USPS Form 1583 to you?

Yes, you may email your completed USPS 1583 form and applicable ID, or alternatively upload the form directly to your account in your members area. If you do e-mail the USPS Form 1583 directly to Outpost SVC, please ensure to notate your suite number in the subject line. In addition, for USPS compliance, we require you to post in the completed form, along with applicable IDs to: Outpost SVC, 10210 Fairbanks North Houston Road, Houston, Texas, 77064, USA – Attention Accounts Department. 


How long does it take Outpost SVC to respond to customer service inquiries through your message function?

All inquiries are replied to within 1 business day. For instant answers or assistance, the live chat is available Monday through Friday between 7am and 6pm  CST  

How can I make sure I receive timely information about my packages?

Outpost SVC will email you whenever a new package arrives or when a package is shipped out. To ensure that you receive all notifications from Outpost SVC in regards to your packages, we recommend that you add our address to your email address book or contact list.