AES Filing

AES stands for Automated Export Systems, and enables the electronic filing of formal US export declarations. This is required on all shipments which contain a single commodity (goods of the same kind, sharing the same customs harmonised tariff code) valued over $2500.

Upon completion of AES filing, an International Transaction Number (ITN) is provided by the US Government, which is then required to appear on your commercial invoice & related shipping documentation. Without completing AES filing on applicable shipments, Outpost SVC is unable to forward your package.

Outpost SVC is pleased to offer the facility of filing AES on your behalf, utilising a Foreign Principal Party of Interest (FPPI) process, available upon signing of a Power of Attorney (POA) form, granting Outpost SVC the legal right to file.

This service can be requested within the members area.

Should you require additional information on AES filing, please contact our Customer Service team by live chat or email.

* Please note, there is a $25 administration charges for the completion of AES filing.