Global Shopping

Shop the world with no restrictions or limitations

global shopping


Global Shopping Registration is simple and fast.  You can simply register online, whether you’re an occasional shopper or a small business – we offer a various range of services and preferences, to save you time and money!

Once your identity and home address have been verified, you can begin using your own dedicated Outpost addresses immediately. You’re now ready to shop without limitations!

Shop at any store, be it major retailers, or auction sites like Ebay or Taobao. Select the items and the quantity you want.  At check out, use your local Outpost SVC address as your deliver to or ship to address.

Your purchase will be sent domestically to an Outpost SVC facility, where we will handle the parcel according to your specifications and preferences before forwarding your purchases directly to your home or office.

Better yet, our local shopping specialists are available to give you advice on where to shop, provide translations, or purchase your desired products in store directly. Get what you want – at the best price – without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Want to know more about how we will take care of your packages once they arrive at our facility? If so, please click on the below arrow to learn more about global shopping.