Personal Shopping SVC

At Outpost SVC, we feel that global shopping has undeservedly gotten a bad rep & want to set things right by helping to make global shopping a pleasurable and hassle-free experience for our members.

At times navigating the innumerable global sites and retailers to find that can’t-live-without item can be daunting. With Outpost SVC personal shopping service, we’re proud to offer you timely and knowledgeable shopping assistance.

Have questions or need assistance with a purchase? Our dedicated personal shopping specialists are standing by to offer assistance.

Simply log into your Outpost account, where you can:

  • Use the e-mail or live chat function to get local advice on where to shop for a certain product
  • E-mail website links for local translations
  • Complete a personal shopping request form

Use our Personal Shopping specialists, and experience the ultimate shopping service

With our personal shopping service, an Outpost SVC staff member will complete the purchase on your behalf whether it is online or in-store. No request is too small.

Simply, provide the specific URL, a detailed description of the item, and price of the goods using the personal shopper request form.  To ensure we get it right, Outpost SVC will confirm that the description and price is accurate – and your request will be fulfilled the same day!  Your personal Outpost account is then billed for the cost of the purchase, plus a small handling fee.

Once the item(s) is purchased and arrives at the local Outpost SVC facility, it will undergo our customer-focused handling service. We’ll make sure it’s visible in your inventory list as normal, or you can even request a same day ship out – always your choice, done right.

Outpost SVC Personal Shopping Service, making it easy to shop the world.