Global Shopping


As a member of Outpost SVC, you now have complete access to retail markets and services in over 30 countries. We’ve taken global shopping to a whole new level where the boundaries and limitations of global shopping no longer apply!

Now, you can easily:

  • Shop in stores that do not operate in your local market
  • Purchases items not available or sold in your home country
  • Take advantage of low exchange rates for costs savings.

With global shopping power, come endless possibilities. You have the freedom to shop like you’ve never shopped before, so don’t be discouraged if it seems too overwhelming of a task.  In fact, to make shopping the world even easier on you, we offer our members access to the Outpost SVC personal shopping service.

Among our services, our personal shopping specialists can:

  • Direct you to a local company and/or website to shop for a certain product
  • Assist and provide website translations
  • Offer international payment options should a retailer not accept international credit/debit cards
  • Go and pick-up your purchase, if a purchased item is held as in-store pick-up only
  • Advise on available options should a retailer or auction site only accept a domestic billing address
  • Assist should a retailer/auction site seller require a money order payment
  • Make a physical purchase online or in person at your request

Want to know how much money you can save from shopping global markets? Our Global Shopping Savings page will highlight some current examples.

Not sure where to shop? Check out our Shopping Links to take a look at some of the most popular stores in the 5 major retail markets – we’ve even added a few of our personal favorites.

Take a look at Personal Shopping SVC to learn how our personal shopping service works. So, if you run up against a problem while you’re out shopping the world, we’ll be there to help.