About us

parcel forwarding

 How it Began

The concept for Outpost SVC was nurtured by requests from friends, family and colleagues around the world asking for assistance in purchasing and shipping personal items from the USA. With the three founding members’ combined 40 years of experience and expertise with a leading global express delivery company in the shipping industry, the parcel forwarding concept quickly evolved.

Whether it involved shipping extreme sleeping bags to a colleague in Russia, an iPad 2 on the US launch date for a friend in Australia or a formal dress for a family member back in the UK, the need for a trusted and reliable US based purchasing and parcel forwarding company became apparent.

With all three founding members also immigrating to the USA, without noticing we ourselves had been asking the same assistance from friends, family and colleagues to send us products from back home.  So, the vision of a global purchasing and packaging forwarding service, operating in all major markets around the world was born.

Utilizing a network of colleagues and friends built up over the last 20 years from within the express delivery industry, Outpost SVC opened in 2012 with local address operations in the USA, UK, EU, China and Russia with localized assistance in 10 other countries.

Our vision was simple. To provide the same personal purchasing and shipping service that we had provided to our friends and family throughout the years on a global scale and create global shopping opportunities to the whole world. Get Started Today